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Wonderful, warm and funny show with Claudia Russell and Bruce Kaplan last night! Claudia writes terrific songs and sings like an angel and both she and Bruce are great musicians. Thanks to them for a great show!

– Peter Cutler, Fiddler’s Crossing


“Claudia Russell is a great live performer, and a vocalist in the old-fashioned sense. She can really sing. Not only does she have an impressive set of pipes, she interprets songs rather than merely convey the lyrics. She’s a superior voice in the crowded field of singer-songwriters.”      – Rich Warren, Folk Stage


This was one of the best shows I have seen in a very long time. A real feel good evening!

– Helene Korolenko, New Bedford Folk Festival


“Claudia Russell is a gifted songwriter with a gorgeous singing voice. Whether singing a sad song or a happy one, her voice shines through with great purity and a gentle, reedy quality. Her songs come to life with an effortless spirit of genuine soul. This is heartwarming stuff, both inspirational and comforting at a time we need inspiration and comfort more then ever.”

- Paul Zollo American Songwriter


 “Claudia Russell is the Judy Collins of our generation”   – Christine Lavin


"Russell has a voice that is made for folk music. She breaks hearts..."

– Elaine Schmidt, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


I took in a Claudia Russell concert this weekend, and I have to tell you that it was spectacular (as Claudia always is). If you haven't seen Claudia and her husband Bruce Kaplan, RUN, DON'T WALK, to their next concert. You won't be disappointed. They’re terrific! 
– Suzyn Mills, Acoustic Renaissance Concerts, Chicago IL


"Berkeley's Claudia Russell is a smoky-voiced thrush able to deliver a cosmopolitan lounge blues or a bluegrass romp with equal aplomb. She also is a fine guitar picker and songwriter, with tunes that sound like ready-made Americana hits. Her impressive melding of pop, country, folk, bluegrass, swing and classical American songwriting mark Russell as an original talent with an impressively eclectic vision.

– j. poet, East Bay Express


“You might think that a singer as powerful as Russell would play The Diva on stage. But just the opposite. Instead, Russell assumes a sort of latter-day Gracie Allen character - a little dizzy - while husband Bruce Kaplan plays the George Burns role. Their banter is hilarious and they seem to take pleasure in trying to make each other laugh. So, while the two take their music seriously, they know how to have fun. This in-between comedy is a nice bonus that helps endear Russell and Kaplan to their audience.”

–Mike Rossney, Coast to Coast Arts, Sargentvile ME